As a French Canadian artist and designer residing in the heart of Shediac, NB, I am perpetually inspired by the whimsy of childhood and the oddities that dance at the edges of the mundane. My creative work is a blend of love for children’s themes, editorial illustrations, and intricate patterns drawn from the world around me.

My heart is deeply rooted in the natural world and the myriad stories it tells; In the summer, you’ll often find me with hands in the earth, tending to my garden. The rugged beauty of the Maritimes has nurtured my soul, while the mystique of the sea continually whispers new tales to my artist’s spirit.

An explorer at heart, my curiosity has no bounds, and neither do the boundaries of my art. Infused with a painterly touch, my illustrations boast rich textures and a touch of grit—remnants of a love affair with tangible media, even as I embrace the digital canvas of Procreate in my current creations.

For those rare days when the buzz of the world fades, you’ll find me cocooned in solitude, a steaming cup of coffee at hand, indulging in the silent embrace of a good book and the comfort of my dog Java’s company.

You can witness the evolution of my artistic journey and the latest from my stylus and brush on Instagram. I treasure the dialogue between artist and audience, so feel free to reach out with questions or simply to share reflections. I do speak french so feel free to reach out in Molière’s tongue!

If you wish to discuss potential projects, collaborations, or licensing opportunities, my inbox is open at, or you can connect with me through the contact form on my website.

I am honored to have collaborated with a diverse range of clients, whose stories are interwoven with my own in a tapestry of creative partnership: